Some feedback

It just occurred to me it's been 18 days since you put me under your spell.

I got through my mother’s celebration of her life, without a hitch and lots of smokers all around. I had one very bad moment - when we were putting an offer on a house my wife really loved. We put in an offer and did our due diligence and discovered some issues with the house - then BAM - another offer comes in and I try to reach Lucie - she’s in meetings and turns off her phone!!! I was very upset - cause I knew she would be upset if we lost the house - long story short. I reached for a beer and a cigarette to calm myself down.  I was alone in the back yard - I took two long haul puffs and nearly passed out. 

In fact I staggered and fell into a chair and threw the smoke away. 


This was 7 days after you treated me.  


I am now alone in Mallorca Spain and I have been challenged here by smokers several times - but i’m staying strong -  and really not missing “my old friend”. So I'm drinking less alcohol as well - much less - partly because I'm not being social just working hard on the old farmhouse and riding my bike.  Its all good.


So thank Jeanette for changing my life - I felt a very powerful connection with you as soon as we talked on the phone.   

So thank you again. 

Hamish G.


P.s. what’s  more remarkable is that I have not popped any of those Champrix smoking cessation pills since you treated me. You have shown me stuff, amazing stuff