Have you ever wondered how to talk to yourself so you will actually listen? This is the science and technique.


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Gently tap into your unconscious mind to help shift your life into a more positive, productive, and abundant direction.



Holistic Nutrition

A highly effective practice of helping the body heal by eating clean whole foods to bring the body back to its naturally healthy state.


Psychic Energy work

Knowing there is more to us than the eye can see, this is where you can catch a glimpse of what else there is.

Services span for reading Akashic records to find lost keys. 

Holistic Healing

Acknowledging the body as a whole and something connected to a much greater part allows us to address and release a great deal of baggage and bring you into a healthy state of being. 

QUIT SMOKING IN 60 MINUTES with Certified Quit Smoking Specialist

The process is easy and effective because it uses the exact mechanism that’s kept you smoking to help you become a non-smoker for life.

Once you learn how to tap into it, you can use it to achieve absolutely anything you want.

Smoking Cessation

Fees available upon request.