Decompression Sessions

This is a unique opportunity to rid yourself of the tension that tends to accumulate throughout the week. This tension has a tendency to settle in our shoulders, neck, hips, lower back, and the list evolves. Join us to experience what can be done to reduce the pressure on our delicate, yet strong, and faithful bodies. Attend my ‘Decompression Session’ to help release tension in your mind, body, and spirit. Leave feeling lighter and brighter, and more focused on what you want to focus on. I use guided intuition, meditation, and a little magic to help you feel better by the time you leave.

Length of time: approximately 1 hour

Number of participants: 16 attendees.

Cost: $25/per person.

These sessions are held in the studio at Monkey Tree Wellness and start around 7:30 pm. Please contact for further details.

You’re always welcome to book a one-on-one Decompression Session, $80 per session. Book now