Smoking Cessation


Have you finally decided to end this relationship? Perhaps you’ve tried it in the past and things didn’t work out quite as you expected? Well, it’s all good. If you are serious and really want this, let me help you help yourself.

As a Quit Smoking Specialist, I encourage transformation in others using holistic, complementary, alternative and integrative approaches to psychology and human understanding.

With this method, you walk in as a smoker and leave as a non-smoker. It is that simple. If you’ve already made the decision, then you don’t even have to try. You’ll feel no “cravings” that you must overcome by “willpower.” This means you can quit smoking, today, with:

• No cravings
• No weight gain
• No nervousness

Some people say that this is “too good to be true”… and, with respect, our guess is that those people have not actually tried hypnosis. Or, those people have not done hypnosis with us.

As a Quit Smoking Specialist, I am trained in techniques specifically tailored to helping people quit smoking. I can assist you in quitting smoking easily, comfortably, and with no adverse-side effects.

All change happens at the unconscious level and it can happen in an instant. Once you make the decision to quit, you have already taken the hardest step. Hypnosis will help you tap into the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to catch up with your conscious decision to quit.

According to an independent University of Washington School of Medicine study, hypnotherapy has a 90.6% success rate helping smokers quit.

Even 3 years after their original session!